Hi. I'm Riyan Wijaya.

I do front-end web stuffs and design various user interfaces, mainly for web apps.

Pardon me if I'm not facing to you, by the way. I'm enjoying this scenery.

About me.

I'd like to call myself as 'designer in study' because even though most of my jobs are all around web applications, my true passion lies in visual design and its implementations. And yes, I'm always curious and learning all the time.

I graduated from STMIK Bandung in 2015, and currently I'm working as a part of team in Pragma Informatika, taking role as front-end web developer, UI/UX Designer and sometimes graphic designer.

Aside from my main trade, my interests revolve around all things creative: writing fictions, drawing illustrations and character designs, and I have particular interests in video games--playing games, and making games.